Thursday, 6 October 2011

aakash - the most awaited tablet pc

Last year, on July 22, when Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal launched the prototype of a $35 low-cost computing device, the cheapest anywhere, critics said it would be impossible to develop.
But yesterday when kapil Sibal launched AAKASH- the world’s lowest priced (Rs 2,250 per unit) touch-screen computing and internet access device, which will allow people with humble means a chance to access the same set of web information which the rich access through more sophisticated devices , everyone was so surprised .
The computer, called Aakash, or "sky" in Hindi, is the latest in a series of "world's cheapest" innovations in India that include a 100,000 rupee ($2,040) compact Nano car, a 750 rupee ($15) water purifier and $2,000 open-heart surgery.
I personally feels this device can be a asset for our society . Still we don't know the limitations of this device . But with 1100 rupees , we can't even buy a mobile phone ( touch screen , wifi ,) . So it is for sure , buying this will be no wastage of money and rather for poor people it will mean a lot .
I m gonna buy it as soon as it is available.
"A person learns quite fast when they have a computer at home," said Shashank Kumar, 21, a computer engineering student from Jodhpur, Bihar, who was one of five people selected in his northern state to travel to villages and demonstrate the device. "In just a few years people can even become hackers.

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